March 15, 2009

Beverley Knight - Flavour Of The Old School

'"Flavour of the Old School"' is a song by British soul singer Beverley Knight, released as her debut single. The track, which peaked at number fifty on the UK Singles Chart when it was released in March 1995, was accompanied by a low budget video that saw Knight in the recording studio singing directly into the camera. It was re-released however in October 1995, supported by a new video and strong support from urban radio. The song went on to become Knight's first top 40 single, peaking at number thirty-three in the official UK Singles Chart. The song later reappeared on the b-side of Knight's 1999 single "Made it Back".

01 Flavour of the Old School [ radio version ]
02 Flavour of the Old School
03 Flavour of the Old School [ full flava remix ]
04 Promise You Forever

Daniel Rae Costello - Winds Of Change

He along with his brother attended high school in Whangarei, New Zealand. He enjoyed taking part in sports when he was in NZ, taking much interest in rugby, soccer and athletics and even represented North Auckland in the Under 17 soccer team. He completed his last year of school back in Fiji at Marist Brothers High School in Suva. In 1979, he recorded his first solo-album called "Tropical Sunset" which wasn't much of a success but a year later, his album, Lania which was a huge success in Fiji and around the pacific. After his mother passed away in 1985, he changed his name to Daniel Rae Costello. He moved to Australia a few years later because of the 1987 Coup where he wrote two songs, Samba and Take me to the Island and returned to fiji and started his own Studio and Production Suite called "Tango Sound Productions" and recorded his first big hit album, Samba. Since 1978, he has recorded 30 albums to date in the last 30 years. He is now an accomplished songwriter, composer, arranger, audio engineer, vocalist, musician and producer in the pacific region. He recently recorded an album with Toni Wille, called Let The World Sing.

5. I'LL BE YOUR MAN Listening Bar!

Take 6 - Biggest Part Of Me

In 1980, Claude McKnight (older brother of R&B musician Brian McKnight). formed an a cappella quartet, The Gentlemen's Estates Quartet, at Oakwood College (now Oakwood University), a Seventh-day Adventist university in Huntsville, Alabama, where he was a freshman. He auditioned fellow students for the hobby group. The Gentlemen were rehearsing in a campus bathroom (later said to be in Moran Hall), getting ready for a performance, when Mark Kibble walked by and heard them singing. He joined the harmonizing, adding a fifth part, and ended up singing with them onstage that very night. Mark later invited Mervyn Warren to join the group. The group performed under the moniker "Alliance".The group was signed to Warner Brothers in 1987, and quickly changed its name to "Take 6" after a name search revealed that "Alliance" was already being used.

01 Biggest Part Of Me [Radio Mix]
02 Biggest Part Of Me [Hip Hop Mix Alt]
03 Biggest Part Of Me [A Capella]
04 Biggest Part Of Me [Tre Dave Hip Hop Mix]

UB40 - Xtended Mix & Remixs

UB40's fortunes changed at the beginning of 1980. They had spent many years performing live and developing a name for themselves when they were asked to join 'The Pretenders' as their support act on a national tour. Because they were from the West Midlands, and because they were a large multi cultural group playing music of Jamaican origin, UB40 were initially thought to be part of the Two-Tone phenomenon which had burst out of nearby Coventry. Two tone music took its roots from Caribbean Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae. It was honed into the multi-racial sound of 2-Tone by bands such as The Specials and The Selecter - both of which came from Coventry. For over twenty five years, UB40 have continued the job of popularising reggae around the globe. In the process, they continue to give enormous pleasure to a public too vast to be defined by age, generation tribe or fashion.

01 - Homely Girl (Extended Mix)
02 - Here I Am (Extended Mix)
03 - Dream A Lie (12 Inch)
04 - Red Red Wine (Extended)
05 - I've Got Mine (Extended Version)
06 - Breakfast In Bed [Extended Mix)
07 - Where Did I Go Wrong (Extended)
08 - Rat In My Kitchen (Extended Version)
09 - Can't Help Falling In Love (Remix)
10 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Extended)
11 - Reckless(Remix)
12 - Kingston Town (Extended Mix)
13 - I Think Its Going To Rain Today (Extended)
14 - Legalise It (Special Mix)
15 - The Earth Dies Screaming (Extended)
16 - Until My Dying Day (Remix)
17 - Wear You To The Ball (Extended Mix)

Def Boyz - Swing

"...def boys kickin it so have no fear, dance to the music 'till you hear the bell ring - we're gonna make you........ SWING"

01 Swing (Remix)
02 Swing (Original Remix)