April 16, 2009

Classic Example - Classic Example

Classic Example was one of those groups that was expected to be big but ended up falling through the cracks. The male vocal quintet's producer/mentor was Maurice Starr, who had been responsible for the success of New Edition and New Kids on the Block--and Classic Example was expected to be either the next New Edition or the next Boyz II Men. But this self-titled debut album wasn't the blockbuster that Starr (who produced much of the material) was hoping for. Nonetheless, Classic Example isn't bad. The Boston combo has a youthful style, but without getting into the teeny bopper stuff that New Kids were known for--the tunes are a lot meatier and grittier than that. And at the same time, Classic Example avoids the type of aggressive, in-your-face new jack swing that was huge in the early 1990s.

1 Its Alright 4:10
2 Don't Make Me Wait 4:12
3 I Do Care 5:14
4 Never Gonna Give You Up 4:40
5 Where Do I Run To 5:12
6 Toast to Our Love 5:30
7 Stay With Me Tonight 5:06
8 Lift Every Voice and Sing 1:51
9 The Other Side of My Bed 3:56
10 Can You Find a Place in Your Heart 4:56
11 Treat Her Like a Lady 4:05
12 All Your Love 4:16
13 You Need Love 4:34
14 She Ain't Right 1:59
15 Dear Lisa 5:40

OST Hav Plenty

Hav Plenty's eclectic roster makes the soundtrack to the film savory to virtually any palate. Although not as creative as the ethereal love jones soundtrack or as solid in production as the soundtrack to Bulworth, Hav Plenty still manages choice moments.... Dull interludes aside, Hav Plenty's stylistics are worthy.

1. Fire - Babyface;Des'ree 4:47
2. Heat - Absoulute 4:04
3. Keep It Real - Jon B.;Coko (aka Cheryl Gamble);Jay-Z 4:41
4. I Can't Help It - Shya 3:35
5. I Can't Get You (Out Of My Mind) Remix - Blackstreet 4:42
6. Tears Away - Faith Evans 5:11
7. What The Hell Do You Want - Az Yet 4:25
8. Rock The Body - Queen Pen;Tracey Lee 3:58
9. I Wanna Be Where You Are - SWV 3:57
10. Whatcha Gonna Do - Jayo Felony (Featuring Method Man & DMX) 4:36
11. Any Other Night - Chico Debarge 4:25
12. What I've Been Missin' - Changing Faces 4:38
13. Ye Yo - Erykah Badu 4:41