April 16, 2009

Classic Example - Classic Example

Classic Example was one of those groups that was expected to be big but ended up falling through the cracks. The male vocal quintet's producer/mentor was Maurice Starr, who had been responsible for the success of New Edition and New Kids on the Block--and Classic Example was expected to be either the next New Edition or the next Boyz II Men. But this self-titled debut album wasn't the blockbuster that Starr (who produced much of the material) was hoping for. Nonetheless, Classic Example isn't bad. The Boston combo has a youthful style, but without getting into the teeny bopper stuff that New Kids were known for--the tunes are a lot meatier and grittier than that. And at the same time, Classic Example avoids the type of aggressive, in-your-face new jack swing that was huge in the early 1990s.

1 Its Alright 4:10
2 Don't Make Me Wait 4:12
3 I Do Care 5:14
4 Never Gonna Give You Up 4:40
5 Where Do I Run To 5:12
6 Toast to Our Love 5:30
7 Stay With Me Tonight 5:06
8 Lift Every Voice and Sing 1:51
9 The Other Side of My Bed 3:56
10 Can You Find a Place in Your Heart 4:56
11 Treat Her Like a Lady 4:05
12 All Your Love 4:16
13 You Need Love 4:34
14 She Ain't Right 1:59
15 Dear Lisa 5:40

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