November 23, 2008

Derek B - Bad Young Brother / Good Groove

When he was 15, he started DJing in a mobile unit around London, before joining local pirate radio stations such as Kiss FM and LWR and finally starting his own station, WBLS (not to be confused with the radio station of the same name in New York). He joined Simon Harris' Music of Life as the closest thing they had to an A&R man. When a planned compilation of U.S. hip hop called Def Beats 1 (Music of Life, 1986) ran short of tracks, Boland stepped in to record a track called "Rock the Beat". He co-produced the track with Simon Harris, rapped on it under the pseudonym EZQ and also did his own DJing under the Derek B name. "Rock the Beat" (Music of Life, 1987) was released as a single, and followed by two more - the most successful of which was "Good Groove" (Music of Life, 1988) which reached number 16 in the UK Singles Chart, as well as "Bad Young Brother", which also reached number 16.

A1 Bad Young Brother (Steve Ett Mix)
A2 Bad Young Brother (Vocal Billy Beat Mix)
B1 Good Groove (Extended Mix)
B2 Good Groove (A Capella Mix)

PASSWORD: djtoma


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ClintDogg said...

I still have my ORIGINAL Derek B - Bullet from a Gun cassette tape fom 1988.

Im buying up EVERYTHING Derek B on the internet atm.