November 29, 2008

LL Cool J - Around The Way Girl

LL released Mama Said Knock You Out Album, generally leaning towards a tough street image. The record reestablished his reputation in the hip-hop community. It spawned three hit singles, "The Boomin' System," "Around the Way Girl," and the title track, which received special notice after LL Cool J's dynamic performance of it during an episode of MTV Unplugged. It was also featured in the film The Hard Way. The album included themes of police misconduct (Illegal Search), spirituality (Power of God), his career troubles ("Cheesy Rat Blues"), along with back-to-basics hip-hop party rocking and balladry ("Around the Way Girl"). Mama Said... eventually went on to sell over 2,700,000 copies. It marked the first of many self-reinventions LL Cool J would undergo to adapt to hip-hop's often changing atmosphere.

01. LL COOL J - Around the way girl (lp version)
02. LL COOL J - Around the way girl (untouchable remix)
03. LL COOL J - Around the way girl (new bass mix)
04. LL COOL J - Around the way girl (instrumental)
05. LL COOL J - Around the way girl (jazzy mix)

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