September 19, 2008

L.V - Gangsta's Paradise

Larry Sanders, better know by his stage name L.V. whose initials stand for "Large Variety", is an American R&B singer. He's best known for his collaboration with rapper Coolio on the hit single, "Gangsta's Paradise". He has been featured on multiple soundtracks since then, and has released two solo albums to date. L.V. is member of the gangsta rap group South Central Cartel since the beginnings of the group. He usually sings the vocals and chorus.
1. Throw Your Hands Up (Album Version)
2. Gangstas Paradise (L.V. Version)
3. Throw Your Hands Up (Kam Version)
4. Throw Your Hands Up (No Rap Version)
5. Throw Your Hands Up (Instrumental)
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