January 13, 2009

Dru Hill - Dru Hill

Dru Hill's big break came in 1996, when manager Haqq Islam arranged for them to perform at the Impact Convention in May. The group was signed to Island Records's "Island Black" division shortly afterward through a production deal with Islam's University Music, and immediately began recording their debut album. The self-titled Dru Hill album was released on November 19, 1996, and became a gold-selling album. The group's first single, "Tell Me", was featured on the soundtrack to the Whoopi Goldberg film Eddie, and was a Top 5 R&B hit in the United States.Stylistically, Dru Hill was the middle-ground between the smooth, gentlemen-like Boyz II Men and the self-proclaimed "bad boys of R&B", Jodeci. Dru Hill received a lot of criticism, especially from the members of Jodeci, for what was perceived was a direct appropriation of Jodeci's style, particularly in frontman Sisqó's K-Ci Hailey-esque lead vocals. Other major influences for the group included Stevie Wonder and 1980s boy band New Edition.Both the group themselves and songwriters/producers such as Daryl Simmons and Keith Sweat wrote the songs for the Dru Hill album, with the group themselves writing the single "5 Steps". Nokio also did some co-production, and would become the group's main producer by 1998.

1. Anthem 0:59
2. Nothing To Prove 4:07
3. Tell Me 4:14
4. Do U Believe? 4:13
5. Whatever U Want 3:58
6. Satisfied 4:44
7. April Showers 3:34
8. All Alone 3:36
9. Never Make A Promise 5:28
10. So Special 5:25
11. In My Bed 4:46
12. Love's Train 4:21
13. Share My World 4:28
14. 5 Steps 5:44

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