January 13, 2009

R Kelly & Public Annoucement - Born In The 90's

Shortly after getting his record deal with Chris Anderson his cousin, Kelly met Andre Boykins from Public Announcement and auditioned the guys to be his back up singers and dancers. R. Kelly & Public Announcement released their debut album, Born Into the '90s in January 1992. One of the last albums to be released during the new jack swing period of the early nineties, the album yielded the hits "She's Got That Vibe", "Honey Love", "Dedicated", and "Slow Dance (Hey Mr. DJ)" all of which was led by Kelly. The group was billed as R. Kelly and Public Announcement essentially making the group backup members for Kelly rather than in a cohesive unit. After a successful tour ended in 1993, Kelly left Public Announcement to focus on a solo career.

1. She's Loving Me 3:38
2. She's Got That Vibe 4:34
3. Definition Of A Hotti 4:23
4. I Know What You Need 3:30
5. Keep It Street 3:55
6. Born Into The 90's 4:42
7. Slow Dance 5:04
8. Dedicated 4:38
9. Honey Love 5:04
10. Hangin' Out 4:10
11. Hey Love (Can I Have A Word) ft Mr. Lee 3:20

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