December 19, 2008

4 The Cause - Stand By Me

4 The Cause hit the charts with a remake / remix cover of Ben E King's “Stand By Me” in 1998. The song was a Number-1-Hit in parts of the globe.They are a family group from Chicago whose follow-up singles did not reach the same level as their breakthrough single. A few good tempo cover versions included in this album.......

1. Stand By Me
2. Papa Was A Rolling Stone
3. Let Me Be
4. (You) Never Left Me Standing In The Rain
5. Been' Round The World
6. All My Love
7. Believe In Me
8. Jammin'
9. Feel Free (To Love)
10. We Got You
11. Make Your Head Rock
12. Ain't no Sunshine
13. Shine Again

PASSWORD: djtoma


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Lucy said...

THANK YOU. It's kinda hard to find info and especially, their album. They don't even have an english article on wikipedia... I love you!! xD lol!!