December 24, 2008

Surface - 3 Deep

Bernard Jackson moved from Stamford, Connecticut to New York to pursue a music career. While in New York, his godfather said Jackson should contact his nephew David Townsend who had been a guitarist with The Isley Brothers. Meanwhile, Townsend was in Port Authority, a 1970s band, and met David Conley. Conley and Townsend started writing and when they met Jackson, they formed a band.In 1986, Jackson met with a friend Brian Simpson and recorded a demo tape of a track he had written, "The First Time." He believed it to be a hit and hired a recording studio to get the best professional conditions for the track. As the first single for the group's third album, 3 Deep in 1991, Jackson was right. The song was a big hit, going gold and becoming the group's biggest hit to date. It topped both the R&B and pop charts. The album continued on with "All I Want Is You" which reached #8 on the R&B charts and helped the album go gold.

1 First Time 4:15
2 Give Her Your Love/Rainbow (Reprise) 6:26
3 Rainbow (Reprise)
4 All I Want Is You 5:54
5 Tomorrow 5:03
6 You're the One/We Don't Have to Say Good-Bye 5:51
7 We Don't Have to Say Goodbye
8 Never Gonna Let You Down 4:00
9 10 4:06
10 Don't Wanna Turn You off/Kid Stuff (Young Love) 5:59
11 Kid Stuff (Young Love) (Interlude)
12 When It Comes to Love/Echoes 5:41


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