October 25, 2008

BabyFace - Tender Lover

Babyface's solo debut yielded the first number one R&B hit of the 1990s while establishing Edmonds as a major personality and performer. He wrote or co-wrote much of the material and even played several instruments. It was a combination of slick production and nicely sung sentimental tributes and heartache ballads. [The 2001 CD reissue adds historical liner notes and three bonus tracks: a "Dub L.A." version of "Tender Lover," a 12" version of "Whip Appeal," and a 12" version of "My Kinda Girl."]
1. It's No Crime
2. Tender Lover
3. Let's Be Romantic
4. Can't Stop My Heart
5. My Kinda Girl
6. Where Will You Go (Prelude)
7. Whip Appeal
8. Soon As I Get Home
9. Given A Chance
10. Sunshine
11. Where Will You Go




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