October 21, 2008

K7 - Swing Batta Swing

Stepping out from the freestyle trio TKA, the newly dubbed K7 (formerly Kayel) expanded on his group's signature sound and won a larger audience than ever. As freestyle began its long, painful death, dance-pop overtook the genre's audience and popularity. Swing Batta Swing cannily updates the artist for the new era without abandoning his roots or his core audience. The uproarious "Come Baby Come" is a straightforward dance-pop single sung in a bizarre drill sergeant voice, and along with "Zunga Zeng," it fit right in with the radio and club tracks of its era. But K7 has been in the business long enough to know to hedge his bets, and "I'll Make You Feel Good" and "Body Rock" are engineered to please even the most exacting freestyle fan.
1. Come Baby Come
2. Let's Bang
3. I Love To Turn You On (Zunga Zeng)
4. Hi De Ho
5. Body Rock
6. I'll Make You Feel Good
7. Hang On In There Baby
8. Move It Like This
9. Beep Me
10. Hotel Motel
11. A Little Help From My Friends
12. Move It Like This (Alternative Mix

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