October 25, 2008

Intro - Intro

In 1993, instead of upscale attire the younger R&B vocalists were looking a lot more like the rappers. The urban/neo-soul/new jack swing trio, Intro, had the Hip-Hop look, but their self-titled debut wasn't rap. Their sound was heavily influenced and popularized by LeVert, After 7, Aaron Hall, Mary J. Blige, and Today. The trio looked like a hip-hop group, favoring a style of urban contemporary, and went for a high-tech, hip-hop-influenced production style. Most of the songs are slow jams, and romantic/powerful ballads with a a neo-soul perspective. Inro's debut contains many elements of artists and groups (Isley Brothers, Gap Band, Stevie Wonder, and The Dramatics) who paved the way for urban favs like Johnny Gill, Jodeci, R. Kelly, and Guy (Intro covered Wonder's "Ribbon In The Sky"). The first and second released singles "Love Thang," and "Let Me Be The One" are the trio's finest up-tempo moments, while the long third release single "Come Inside" falls into the category of "Cry No More" by II D Extreme.
1. Love Thang
2. Let Me Be The One
3. Anything For You
4. Why Don't You Love Me
5. It's All About You
6. Ribbon In The Sky
7. Don't Leave Me
8. Come Inside
9. One Of A Kind Love
10. So Many Reasons
11. Ecstacy of Love

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