October 16, 2008

B.H.C. - Brother Hood Creed

"Helluva" (original/remix) was the song that placed them on charts back in 1992, if you like hard core or ass shakin hip hop then this is not for you. But if you like the mellow sounding hip hop like de la soul, tribe called quest, digable planets, then you'll enjoy this cd. "Miss Terry" was more so for the adolescent point-of-view of almost every male (or the opposite for the opposite) teenager at that age who, in essence, is excited (in a physical way) towards their female teacher.
1. Don't Let The Weather Fool Ya
2. Helluva
3. Miss Terry
4. Bully
5. Luv Connection
6. What's Really Goin' On
7. Shells By The Seashore
8. Hey Now
9. Summatymz Ova
10. 50/50 Love
11. Only In America
12. Shoop Shoop Shoo Doo
13. Helluva (Bonus Mix)
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