October 19, 2008

Ralph Tresvant - Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant lead singer of one of the best R&B groups ever struck gold mine with his debut solo.. Every song on this disc is simply great.. You can put this disc and dont have to worry about hittin your skip button on your CD player.. Ralph solo disc isnt a departure from what he was doing with New Edition what the disc is a expension of the New Edition sound .. Working with red hot producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Kyle West responsible for (Al B. Sure hits) .. What these producers delivered to Ralph is some of the best material you will ever hear that is evident on such gems like the now classic first single Sensitivity, Stone Cold Gentlemen, Do What I Gotta Do all produced by the hitmaking Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.
1. Rated R
2. Sensitivity
3. She's My Love Thang
4. Stone Cold Gentleman (Rizz's Interlude)
5. Do What I Gotta Do
6. Love Hurts
7. Girl I Can't Control It
8. Love Takes Time
9. Public Figure (Ordinary Guy)
10. Last Night
11. I Love You (Just for You)
12. Alright Now
13. Sensitivity (Ralph's Rap)




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